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Position: Senior Theatre Co-ordinator for Theatre Scarborough (Playhouse 66)

Overseeing the Theatre on behalf of the three member companies – Scarborough Music Theatre, Scarborough Players and the Scarborough Theatre Guild.

Location: Scarborough Village Theatre 3600 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON

To Apply: Interested applicants please email a cover letter and resume to Katherine Turner, President of Theatre Scarborough,

Deadline: July 4, 2018

Job Description:

The position of the Senior Theatre Coordinator is to oversee the general operations of the theatre, assign staff as required, be available to respond to technical emergencies and participate in training of member groups as required. The Senior Coordinator serves as the technical liaison between the city and the theatre. In addition, the Senior Coordinator monitors the condition of equipment, arranges maintenance and repair, makes recommendations to the board regarding equipment upgrades and implements upgrades that are approved. They are also responsible for implementing and enforcing health and safety policies in the theatre. Compensation is by honorarium to be determined by the board.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • oversee and co-ordinate activities of the other coordinators
  • inform the City that they are the first point of contact with TS Board
  • ensure relevant maintenance and repairs are reported to the City (e.g. roof, plumbing, HVAC etc.)
  • obtain authorization from TS Board for any repairs over the discretionary limit
  • ensure the Production team is aware that Theatre Co-ordinator is the authority in SVT
  • ensure Producer/Stage Manager is informed of any TS operations that may affect the current production
  • participate in strategic planning and prioritization of budget needs
  • report to TS monthly at Board meetings on past activities, future plans, financial and volunteer requirements

Required Skills: Good general knowledge of theatre equipment and procedures (lights, sound, sets, projection). Ability to multitask. Good communication and listening skills. Knowledge of Health and Safety standards. Good people skills to deal with complex needs of multiple groups.

Knowledge of the venue and the theatre companies would be an asset.

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