Donors and Sponsors

Theatre Scarborough and its member companies gratefully recognize the generosity of the following private donors and corporate and business sponsors

This list was last updated January 8, 2022, and reflects cumulative donations during the previous 12 months. If we have missed you, or erred in the listing of your name, please accept our sincere apologies and let the box office know so that we may correct our records.

Private Donors

Platinum ($1000+):

Todd Appleton
Teresa Bakker
The Bridge Group
David Buffham
Playhouse 66
Amanda & Scott Sinclair
Sue & Andy Smith
Tom & Luella Stephens
Verve Theatre Company
Duane White & Jim Doholis

Gold ($500-$999):

Andra Bradish
Robert & Ann Ewan
Katherine Turner & Greg Nowlan

Silver ($250-$499):

Erin Cotter
Jake Levinson
Lorna & James Mackay
Wendy L Miller
Julio Torres

Bronze ($50-$249):

Lyle G Ahrens
David & Rochelle Barkin
Janal Bechthold
Nancy Beverly
Susanne Blagdon
Suzanne Bond
Rhoda Brachman
Emily Brown
F Darryl Burton & Patric Senson
Brenda Butt
Ian & Donna Campbell
David Cardinal
Jerry Chadwick
Grace Chan
Daniel MacEachern & Dave MacEachern & Spencer MacEachern & Madison Chin
Gerard Chin
Geoffrey Coulter & Kaitlyn Coulter & Shari Coulter
Linda Donohoe
Hayley Finewax
Shelley Firlotte
Judy Gans
Judy Gibson
David Hall & Jill McMillan
Jan Harvey
Lynn Henderson
Diane & Jeremy Henson
David & Lynette Hines
Barry Hitchcock
Robyn Hughes
Dorothy Iles
Brian Jobling
adeel Khamisa
Danielle Knight
Tom Knight
Geoff Kolomayz
Sheri & Jim Kowalski
Ronald B Krentz
Kerrie Lamb
Diane and Daniel Lang
Grant Hawkins & Kelly Lovatt-Hawkins
Maureen Lukie
Anne Males
Linda Marsh
Elizabeth & James Marshal
Rose Mitchell Spohn
Amy Mullin
Stephen Nadon
Debra Neal
Andrew Newbery
Magda Nusink
Christine Palmer
Lesley Paterson
Tom Perta
Gord Peters
Louvain Piggott
John Pirker
Lesley Polson
James Quigley & Julio Torres
Kim Reid
Ron Remigio
Shawn Richarz
Dot Routledge
Kathie Routledge
Nick Rudzicz
Jordyn Schwartz & Shelley Schwartz
Susan Shalinsky
Peggy & I Simionati
Gloria Smith
William Smith
Drew & Tara Smylie
Johnny Soln
Heather Stewart
Jessica Taylor
Darlene Thomas
Sara Thompson
Joseph van Veen
Laurie Waterman
John Wells
Ross & Lynn West
Peter And Sheila Wharton
Chris White
Trevor Whitmore
Paula Wilkie
Eve Wollis
James Woods
Kerrolyne Zabik

Supporter ($20-$49):

Susan Ackerman
Lara Beauvais
Sylvia Brathwaite
Karen Brown & Paul Harris
Susan Dart
Charles Davidson
Karen Direkze
Michelle Freeland
Tom Gallagher
Ellen Gerry
Jane Hickey
Susan Hill
Brenda Holdsworth
Laurie Hurst & Barb Scheffler
Ndola Hutton
Diane Jansen
Carolyn Johnson
Dan Kapp
Chantel Kuli
Leelawatee Lakhan
Jamie Mack
Dan Mack & Jamie Mackrell
Catherine MacOdrum
Jerome Madden & Carol Wells
Kathy Martorino
Mr. & Mrs. S.J. McCartin
Madeline (Maddie) McLachlan & Tracy McLachlan
Nancy Menzies Bordonero
John Evelyn & Sophie Evelyn & Heli Oder-Evelyn
Andrew Gibson & Janice Peters Gibson
Gord Peterson
Kristy Piper
Jeffrey Poirier
Judy L Porter
Gary Prudence
Joe Robinson
Tom Roedding
Karen & Roy Routledge
Caroline Rowe
Doreen Rushbrook & Terry Rushbrooke
Kim Scott
Judy Scott-Jacobs
Phyllis Spence
Patricia Sullivan
Esther Tilley
Bonnie & Stephanie Waters
Heather Webster
Charlene Winger
Katie Wise
Margaret Wood

Corporate, Business & Community Sponsors

Scarborough Music Theatre would like to acknowledge the generous funding provided by the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Scarborough Music Theatre and Scarborough Players are proud participants in artsvest which is Business / Arts signature mentorship training program designed to build capacity in Canada’s cultural sector.  artsvest provides small to mid-sized arts, culture and heritage organizations with resources, expertise and training in marketing, board governance and sponsorship along with matching incentive funds and peer-to-peer networking.

Scarborough Music Theatre would like to thank their newest sponsor

Laurie Miller of Next Move Real Estate. Welcome Aboard!

Interested in being a corporate sponsor?
Access our corporate sponsorship package here.