Donors and Sponsors

Theatre Scarborough and its member companies gratefully recognize the generosity of the following private donors and corporate and business sponsors

This list was last updated September 15, 2023, and reflects cumulative donations during the previous 12 months. If we have missed you, or erred in the listing of your name, please accept our sincere apologies and let the box office know so that we may correct our records.


Private Donors

Platinum ($1000+):
Elephant Shoes Foundation
Ian Fox
Meridel McDougall
Amanda & Scott Sinclair
Tom & Luella Stephens
Duane White & Jim Doholis

Gold ($500-$999)

Trevor Cartlidge
Christopher Northey
Susan & Sanders

Silver ($250-$499):

Roland Beauregard and Dorothy Brophy
Patricia Cash
George & Jane Crichton

Keith Hebert
Elizabeth King
R Barry Krentz
Diane and Daniel Lang
Wendy L Miller
Delores Qasim
Herschel Rosen in Memory of Ori Siegel
Peggy Simionati

Bronze ($50-$249):

Patti Andrews
Susan Appleton
Janet Ashberry
Dale Bartlett
Angela Beaumont
Kathleen Bennett
Nancy Beverly
Beverley Biggar
Suzanne Bond
Nancy Bordonaro
Raymond & Judy Boyer
Barbara Brown
F Darryl Burton
Ian & Donna Campbell
Jerry Chadwick
Jim Christie
Diana Clancy
Mike Cody
John Corbett
Maureen Corby
Erin Cotter
Charles and Barbara Cutts
Jerry Daca
Patricia Dalrymple
Roger Dickinson
Nora Ellis Clarke
Linda & Herman Engel
Rob and Ann Ewan
Lilia Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth Fletcher
Irene Flis
Jim & Anne Fraser
Don Galbraith
Tom Gallagher
Deborah Gargrave
Ian Hale
David Hall
John Harrison
Joan M Harvey
Katherine Hatheway
Susan Hill
Lynette AF Hines
Barry and Betty Hitchcock
Catherine Holmes
lida hoogeveen
Wendy Hooker
Sandra Imada
Margaret (Peggy) Irwin
Maunique Jacklin
Elizabeth Jennings
Bradley L Kirk
Merlin Knuckle
Geoff Kolomayz
Ruth Kosciejew
Sheri & Jim Kowalski
Josee Lambert
Marilyn Lott
Claire Maclean
Elizabeth & James Marshall
Doris McAndless
Colin McFarquhar
Joan McIntosh
Dorothée McKinlay
Jessica McQueen-Bird
rosalind Mills
Kay Minter
Marg Misener
Micheline Mistruzzi
Cyril & Sandra Muhic
Louise Nagano
David & Myrna Pagan
Jean & Mel Particka
Tom Perta
Louvain Piggott
Ross Plant
Jean and Lloyd Porter
James Quigley
Catherine Scharge
Shirley Scott
Jo-Anne Seeley
Norman and Fran Smith
Drew Smylie
Heather Stewart
Olive Store
Marjorie Stuart in memory of Doreen Milman-Wilson
Sara Thompson-Hall
Esther Tilley
Katherine Turner
Joseph van Veen
Jim Wilson
Missy Yano

Supporter ($20-$49):

Jill Bayer
Karen Bell
Kim Brown
Jeff Burke
Edina Cavalli
Linda Chamberlain
Anita Champion-Dankiw
Jane Cheung
Barbara Ann Crozier
Cade DeBorba
Angela Eagan
Brad Finch
Andrew & Rose Ann Gatlin
Wanda Gregory
Catherine Hofstetter
Heather-Anne Irwin
Vivian Kalfon
Leelawatee Lakhan
Teresa Lam
Daniel Le Blanc
Andrew Marre
Barbara McElgunn
Stanley Middlestadt
Julie Mitchell
Carole Paquin
Janet Park
Pamela Parsons
Gregory Patterson
Avi Petliar
Judy Porter
Gary Prudence
Kim Reid
Joe Robinson
Joseph Rosenberg
Joan Schnurr
Hugh Scholey
Paula Shaver
Judy Snedden
Luella Stephens
Renate Swerhun
Reiko Takaie
Linda Tuba
Will Van Der Zyl
Bonnie Waters
Bill Whitbread
Louise Wise


Corporate, Business & Community Sponsors

Scarborough Music Theatre  would like to acknowledge the generous funding provided by the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Scarborough Music Theatre and Scarborough Players are proud participants in artsvest which is Business / Arts signature mentorship training program designed to build capacity in Canada’s cultural sector.  artsvest provides small to mid-sized arts, culture and heritage organizations with resources, expertise and training in marketing, board governance and sponsorship along with matching incentive funds and peer-to-peer networking.


Scarborough Music Theatre would like to thank their season sponsor

Tinglesnaps Photography. Welcome Aboard!

Interested in being a corporate sponsor?
Access our corporate sponsorship package here.