We are thrilled to share with you today our big plans to reopen Scarborough Village Theatre after it was dramatically plunged into darkness many months ago due to the pandemic. Now, hang onto your socks, because it’s about to get even more exciting, as it’s our SMT Youth who are doing us proud and leading the way forward as they take to the stage on November 13 & 14th with Dara’s Dream, written by Amanda Sinclair.

A simple dusting down wasn’t enough to get the theatre ready for your return, though. It’s taken our team months of planning and cleaning to get to this point. None of us could have anticipated way back in March 2020 that Covid-19 would impact us in so many ways, but we’ve been working diligently in the background to prepare for the day when we could safely welcome you back to your favourite Scarborough theatre. We’ve missed you.
Live theatre provides wonderful benefits for the mental health of our audiences, and the performers, which has made the lockdown even harder for some to bear. We love how it sparks creativity, stimulates imagination, boosts happy endorphins, frees your mind of worries, and helps you connect with old friends (physically distanced of course). It really is our happy place.
So, it is with immense joy that we introduce Scarborough Music Theatre Youth’s brand new show, Dara’s Dream.


Dara will take a trip in the morning with her family to Disney World. She’s so excited she can’t sleep. But when her eyes finally close it’s not Princesses and fairy tales she dreams of, her imagination will follow a different path tonight.

Written by Amanda Sinclair, Dara’s Dream heralds the return of SMTY to Scarborough Village Theatre. With a cast of 13 youths who have all taken the greatest of care throughout the rehearsal period, they are now incredibly excited to be the first to perform in the venue after all this time.
The cast of Dara’s Dream welcomes you back to your favourite theatre.


Just in time for the holiday season, Scarborough Players invites you to join them as they bring to life the heartwarming play Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley. Come January, we will look towards the Scarborough Theatre Guild‘s long anticipated show A Red Plaid Shirt. This show is a gentle, thought-provoking glimpse of retirement and the (not always welcome) adjustments it brings.

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley 

by Lauren Gunderson & Margot Melon
December 8 – 18, 2021

It is now 1815 and it has been two years since Lizzy and Jane were happily married at the end of Pride and Prejudice. As the Bennets gather for Christmas at Pemberley what sister will be the focus this time – well, Miss Mary Bennet, the bookish, judgemental, mediocre pianist, of course! Determined to cast off her role as dutiful middle sister, she begins to assert her new found confidence and when unexpected guests arrive, Mary’s new sense of self is tested by her family and a new friend.

A Red Plaid Shirt

by Michael G. Wilmot
January 14 – 29, 2022

How do you cope with retirement? Even more pressing, how do you cope with your husband’s retirement? Join Marty, Deb, Fred, and Gladys in this light comedy as they seek out new interests to occupy their now abundant leisure time. Choices range from art classes and wood-working projects to rediscovering your youth on a motorcycle or becoming an obsessive hypochondriac. Middle ground may seem hard to find, but that’s what teamwork ­— and marriage — is about, right?


When we initially discovered there was a possibility of the theatre reopening, we knew that the first thing on your mind would be your safety. We had the same concerns. So all our groups coordinated to create a Covid safety-conscious setting for our audiences, cast, crew, and volunteers to give you the confidence to return.
The guidelines for this will include:

For more information on COVID protocols and how your experience at the theatre will be changing click here.

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We want to thank you for your enduring support, enthusiasm and energy. The anticipation to perform with and for you all is building, and we hope to see you very soon.