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We are just over one month away from the start of DANCE BREAK!

The creative juices are flowing and Sabrina Hooper, our fearless leader is starting to get super jazzed about each and every genre!

Every *Tuesday & Thursday beginning July 9th.


*All Tuesdays except August 19th (Monday night)

  • FAQ’s

Q: What is this whole ‘Dance Break’ thing and is this really for me?

Answer: YES!  Yes, it is an ‘all-level’ class. I have taught everyone from complete beginners (which is right and which is left?! – sometimes I still get confused!) to total stars (to whom I’m sure I’ve said they should be on Broadway…). I offer variations based on skill level and really focus on the performance. No matter what level you find yourself at, there is always something to learn. It is a safe space to try, fail, fall (maybe just me), laugh and get those endorphins pumping! Dance is FUN! We definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously in these classes. Anyone can dance. Don’t believe me? Challenge accepted.

Q: What is the class structure like?

A: There is always a solid warm-up, some movement across the floor where we explore rhythms, travelling steps and grooves, and then we get into the combo.

Q: What if I can’t make it to both classes in a week?
A: That’s ok! You can pay for a single class, or if you know that you can make a few of them, buy the one of the ‘bundle’ options (save some $) and split them up over whichever weeks work for you. Also, on Tuesdays we start the combo and then we finish it on Thursdays, but don’t panic! There is always time to review what was previously taught.

This year I have TWO (2!) fabulous guest teachers joining me! Check here to find out who!

So come dance with me/us, won’t you?! There are 8 weeks (16 classes) for you to join my super fun and sweaty party!

Full info is attached!

Do not hesitate. Spaces will fill quickly!

…and all that jazz!


To purchase your classes online click here

If you book online or would like to reserve a spot please email Sabrina at

For full info including class themes and special guest instructors click here.

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