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We are less than a week away from the start of DANCE BREAK! The creative juices are flowing and I am starting to get super jazzed about each and every genre!

You may be wondering: “Is this actually for me?”

Answer: YES!

Yes, it is an ‘all-level’ class. I have taught everyone from complete beginners (which is right and which is left?! – sometimes I still get confused!) to total stars (to whom I’m sure I’ve said they should be on Broadway…). I offer variations based on skill level and really focus on the performance. No matter what level you find yourself at, there is always something to learn. It is a safe space to try, fail, fall (maybe that’s just me), laugh and get those endorphins pumping!

So come dance with me, won’t you?!

There are 8 weeks (16 classes) for you to come join my sweaty party!

WEEK 1 – July 10th/12th – Classic Broadway

WEEK 2 – July 17th/19th – Latin (co-teacher – the spicy salsa master, Alex Wierzbicki)

WEEK 3 – July 24th/26th – 1960s

WEEK 4 – July 31st/Aug 2nd – Disney

WEEK 5 – August 7th/9th – Grimm (think theatrical, dark, villainous…)

WEEK 6 – August 14th/16th – Rock

WEEK 7 – August *20th/23rd – Lyrical

WEEK 8 – August 28th/30th – Fosse

Every *Tuesday & Thursday from 7:30-9:30pm

*All Tuesdays except August 20th (Monday night)

Do not hesitate. Spaces are filling quickly!

No day but today!



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