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Scarborough Theatre Guild is accepting applications for DIRECTORS for the final show of its 2022/2023 Season.
TIME AFTER TIME – a thriller – comedy by John Mattera
Show Dates: June 2-17, 2023
If interested in directing this play, or to discuss the play and its unique challenges, please contact Len Henderson via e-mail at or phone during the day at 905 655-3605.
The application period closes August 15, 2022.


Scarborough Theatre Guild seeks individuals for the positions of PRODUCER, STAGE MANAGER, MASTER CARPENTER, PROPS COORDINATOR, COSTUME DESIGN, HAIR/MAKEUP DESIGN, SET DESIGN, SET DÉCOR, SET CONSTRUCTION & PAINTING, LIGHTING DESIGN, and SOUND DESIGN, as well as Assistant roles to any of these positions.

JAKE’S WOMEN – A classic comedy-drama by Neil Simon
Directed by Larry Westlake
Produced by Alison Overington
Stage Managed by Heather Hyslop
Show Dates: September 2022

THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT – An off-beat dark comedy with tinges of warmth by Frederick Stroppel
Directed by Kevin Shaver
Produced by Darlene Thomas
Show Dates: December 2022

INNOCENCE LOST – An examination of the famous Ontario criminal case by Beverley Cooper
Directed by Valary Cook
Stage Managed by Sidnei Auler
Show Dates: March 2023

TIME AFTER TIME – A play based on the Movie by John Mattera
Director, Producer & Stage Manager TBA
Show Dates: June 2023

If interested in any of these please indicate your interest by August 15, 2022 to Len Henderson via e-mail at or phone at 905 655-3605.


Jake’s Women, by Neil Simon – September 2022

In one of the best plays from the award-winning American playwright, Jake, a 50-something writer, is trying to come to grips with his current marriage which seems to be falling apart. While the many women in his life float in and out of the play either as real beings or as figments of his imagination, he has to examine his relationship with his deceased first wife, his daughter at both age 12 and 21, his current wife, his psychologist, his sister, and his current girl-friend. It’s all quite funny but at the same time emotional and touching.

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc. New York
Suitable for ages 12 and up

The Christmas Spirit, by Frederick Stroppel – December 2022

Julia Dowling has an unexpected visitor on Christmas Eve, whose job is to escort her to the afterlife. Julia persuades her visitor to hold off for one day and invites him and his other “passenger” to the family party the next day. This is an amusing yet thought-provoking mixture of Death Takes a Holiday and a typical family festive get-together, complete with bickering relatives, an unsure priest, and a budding romance.

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc. New York
Suitable for ages 14 and up. Mature themes

Innocence Lost, a Play about Steven Truscott, by Beverley Cooper – March 2023

Innocence Lost is a riveting take on the Steven Truscott criminal case that follows the events prior to the murder, the subsequent trial and conviction, and a decades-long crusade to have the verdict overturned and Truscott’s name cleared. Still within living memory of many of the baby-boom generation, this is the story that rocked the country for decades, and set in motion seismic changes to the Criminal Justice system in Canada.
Produced by special arrangement with Playwrights Guild of Canada

Time After Time, by John Mattera – June 2023

Jack the Ripper has used H.G. Wells’ Time Machine to disappear from 1893 into the future. Wells decides it’s his responsibility to bring him back to London and justice. Jump forward to San Francisco in 1980, where Wells meets Amy, a bored bank teller, who becomes an ally in his quest. This is an unusual mixture of sci-fi, gore, romance and, yes, comedy. The story was made into a 1979 movie featuring Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen.

Presented by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock Illinois
Suitable for ages 14 and up, mature themes

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